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Universal Design in the Kids Room

  USING THE UNIVERSAL DESIGN METHOD IN THE KIDS ROOM  Let’s talk about Universal Design in the Kids Room. The kids room is the room that’s going to do the most changing over the years in your ... READ the POST

A Tiny Home Just For You

Tiny Home Talk The tiny home is very affordable and it is Highway compliant, meaning it can fit under bridges and overpasses no problem. It’s on wheels so it can even go into a trailer park. And most ... READ the POST

Universal Design in the Bedroom

With Universal Design in the bedroom you want everything to be easy to see and easy to get to. You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark at night because of poor lighting and you don’t want to ... READ the POST

Universal Design Accessable Flooring

Let’s talking about how you can make your home more accessible while still designing it in a way where no one would know someone lived there with a physical challenge. Everyone can benefit from design ... READ the POST

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