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With Universal Design in the bedroom you want everything to be easy to see and easy to get to. You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark at night because of poor lighting and you don’t want to spend 4 hours looking for your favorite sweater because your closet isn’t organized properly. Here are a few of my tips on how to make that happen.

Wall Color

Wall color is probably the most important part to Universal Design in the bedroom. You want your walls, your ceiling and floors all a different color. That can even mean different shades of the same color. Why? Because when you get up in the middle of the night and you’re disoriented in the darkness… you can easily smack yourself in the head because it all looks the same! Depth perception is key to avoiding a nose bleed at 1am. ⠀


The key purpose to lighting in the bedroom is to light your way to the bathroom. Set up LED lights along the wall that are motion sensitive and never trip over a slipper again! Lighting in the bedroom’s key purpose is to light up your way to the bathroom.


It is all about the closets for storage in our bedrooms. You want your closet as easy to navigate as possible. The faster you can find your outfit in the morning, the faster you can get to coffee. Did you know your closet doesn’t have to have doors on it? That’s right, take’m out! That is unless you want to use it as a changing room, but still really not necessary. The doors just take up space. I promise you, you can fit cubbies, two level hanging, and a tie, belt and scarf pull out rod in that tiny closet.

General Room Feel

Think of your bedroom, like a boutique hotel room. If you need to sit on a a bench or stool to put on socks and shoes, have it right there in your room, ready. If you drink coffee first thing to get started, why not have a small coffee area? If you like to read or meditate before you finish your day, but find you fall asleep in bed, why not have a reading/meditating chair? But don’t let your reading chair become your clothing rack! Your bedroom is where you start and end your day.. make it all about you and your well being.


These are just a few things you can do to make your bedroom a safe haven. If you want to know more or you want try some of these ideas out, contact me and I’ll make it happen. 🙂

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