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Universal Design Method

Universal Design Method

What is the Universal Design Method?

UDM (Universal Design Method) is an expansion of healthy, joyful and wellbeing we all desire. This design method allows those of all ages and abilities to move freely in any space without inhibitions.

UDM is the process that enables builders, designers, architects and homeowners to build or design homes that improves life as it exists today and prepares people for what comes next. The UDM process opens your vision via real, tangible examples to embrace the best living space for you.

The Universal Design Method by Laura Mineff goes beyond functionality. It invites a sense of enjoyment into your home, work, and social environments.


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The benefits to Homeowners & Professionals

Through the process of UDM the builder becomes more knowledgable on how to incorporate UDM to better their offerings and increase their credibility. Homeowners discovers a new appreciation of living in a supportive and comfortable space. The dwelling then supports our needs today as well as the future.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Utilize Functional Space
  • Create New Habits
  • Sustainability
  • Increase Market Value
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Develop Wellbeing

Professional Benefits

  • Increase Credibility
  • Up-skill Competencies
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Elevate market value
  • Expand Clientele

Examples of UDM


Kitchen Room

Living Space

What people are saying about UDM

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