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Array Design Studio

Array Design Studio

Full Support

Array Design Studio offers a complete “array” of services from residential and commercial designing and building to space planning, material selection, CAD designs and furnishing selections.

Something Different

Array Design Studio differentiates its services from the competition by developing a game plan for each client’s project. A strategic game plan prepares clients for additional projects that they may not be ready to implement immediately, allowing for “plug and play” when timing is appropriate…and always creates a pathway for success.

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Residential Consultation

Array Design Studio is experienced in designing and building residential projects of all levels, sizes and complexities. From complete turnkey design and build projects to smaller, renovation or addition projects, Array Design’s team is here to help.

Commercial Consultation

Array Design Studio handles commercial projects such as office spaces, medical facilities, hotels and apartments. From budget, lay out, design, architectural plans, and implementation to completion


Array Design Studio team works with you to create the game plan for your project. Presenting a realistic scope of work for your project and offering options for consideration prior to beginning the project ensures that there are no surprises. We are with you throughout the entire process.

Design Planning

Focusing on a full game plan with floor and space planning, design drawing (interior and exterior), CAD drawing, SketchUp 3D modelling, 20/20 design software, and full design presentations. We’ll even go on field trips with you – where we try before we buy.

Materials Selection & Color Palette

At Array Design Studio, we are experts at negotiating to provide you the best products, at the best prices, to create a project that you are both proud of and can afford. Array Design Studio works with you to ensure that your personalities and preferences are reflected in an updated environment.


A full detailed budget created around the specific needs for you, your project and your expectations. We work with a complete transparent budget – we call it a sushi menu.


Array Design Studio’s team can help expose your vision to create a space that boasts unique and distinctive furnishings. We provide a full design layout – furniture, art, wall coverings, rugs, and accessories.


We implement staging for resale, we can adjust the fung shui and we always stage at the end of every project for a complete outcome. We do model homes and trade show staging.

Landscape Design

Designing and creating the landscape environment is the finishing touch to any project, whether it’s for your home or building’s design.

Praise for Array Design Studio

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A Case Study


Joan and Jim Clark were looking for a complete residential, whole house home improvement. Joan and Jim had just purchased their home knowing they were going to update the entire space.

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