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Universal Design in the Kitchen

“Universal design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.” This is what I specialise in and for the next few months will be posting about in my social media platforms. Next up, Universal Design in the Kitchen:


  • Transform your kitchen with innovative storage solutions, including heavy-duty tracked drawers, integrated dishwashers, and built-in spice racks.
  • Incorporate exposed shelving for a cozy atmosphere and plan for efficient waste disposal with designated pull-out drawers.
  • Embrace creative freedom in countertop and cabinetry designs, and elevate entertaining with rounded-ended islands, abundant seating, and a second minibar fridge for a stylish and functional kitchen.


Hey there, kitchen rockstars! Ready to turn your cooking space into a storage wonderland? We’re about to sprinkle some serious magic into your pots-and-pans realm. Picture this: heavy-duty tracked drawers for your kitchen heroes, making sure they’re always ready for action. And guess what? Your dishwasher is going incognito, blending seamlessly with your cabinetry like a culinary ninja – no sore thumbs here!

Spice up your life with cabinets boasting built-in spice racks, so you can kiss the oregano hunt goodbye. Thinking about installing cabinets that touch the sky? Unless you’re LeBron James, let’s keep it real – you won’t be reaching up there often. Low-hanging, garage-style cabinets are the new cool cats in town, and they even close gently with easy-life/soft-close arms. Let the storage fiesta begin!


Everyone loves some good storage space. Pots and pans can be stored in drawers with heavy duty tracks so that won’t break. Your dishwasher can match your cabinetry and look like it’s part of the set instead of sticking out like sore thumb. Cabinets now come with built in spice racks so you can see them all at once instead of having to dig around for the oregano. You can even have it installed right in front of the stove for easy pull-out access.

Access is key, so keep that in mind when you’re considering whether or not to install those 42 inch tall kitchen cabinets above your counter top. Unless you’re LeBron James, I doubt you’ll be reaching up there often. Whatever’s up there, is likely never to be seen again. Keep them low. Instead of using doors that open out, use a garage door style to save on space. They come with easy-life/soft-close arms so you only need to push them up and pull them down gently.


As mentioned before, exposed shelving is a great way to show off your cute dishware and allows you to access them easily. This look can add a homey, comfy atmosphere. Think also about your garbage. Have two, 13 gallon garbage bins in a pull out drawer. One for recycling, one for trash. Things like cutting board holders, cookie sheet drawers, take-away container space…think about where you want them and how you’re going to create a space for them before you start to build.


Countertops and cabinetry don’t have to follow the same shape. Cabinetry can take a life of its own! Countertops can have cutting boards inserted right into them and you can have a second sink put in the middle of your island for easy clean up. You can sweep those crumbs right into the sink. Don’t forget the garbage disposal!


Seating is key in the kitchen and can feel limited when entertaining. If you think you might want two islands for more seating and less moving about? Do it! Be fearless when it comes to the space you need. Make sure they’re rounded at the ends so you don’t get yourself stuck in a corner when you’re entertaining your guests. Have your space where you’re going to prepare food separate from where you’ll prepare drinks during those dinner parties. A second minibar fridge at the “drink station” might save from everyone feeling too on-top of each other.


And that’s a wrap, kitchen party planners! We’ve just unleashed the storage magic: drawers with heavy-duty tracks, cabinets with spice rack surprises, and cabinets that are basically the superheroes of storage. Exposed shelving is the secret sauce to flaunt your adorable dishware and bring in that homey vibe. Countertops and cabinetry? Let them break free from the ordinary! Picture cutting boards popping out of countertops and a second sink in your island for crumb-free cleanup – magic, right?

When it’s time to entertain, go big or go home. Two islands for the ultimate seating experience? Heck yeah! Rounded ends to avoid corner traps during your entertaining escapades? Genius move! And don’t forget the second minibar fridge at the “drink station” – because in your kitchen, the party never stops. Here’s to fearless kitchen spaces and culinary adventures that go beyond the ordinary! Keep rocking that kitchen vibe! 🎉✨

Frequently Asked Questions

What is one key to achieving a sleek and cohesive kitchen appearance?

Seamlessly integrate your dishwasher with cabinetry to create a polished look that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Why should I consider exposed shelving in my kitchen?

Exposed shelving adds a cozy and homey atmosphere while showcasing your charming dishware.

What’s the benefit of unique shapes in countertops and cabinetry?

Embrace creative freedom with uniquely shaped cabinetry, adding a personalized and charming touch to your kitchen.

Laura Mineff talks about using Universal Design in the kitchen.

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