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Universal Design in the Bathroom

“Universal design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.” This is what I specialise in and for the next few months will be posting about in my social media platforms. First up, using universal design in the bathroom.

Short Summary

  • Universal design principles in bathroom remodeling emphasize the creation of a harmonious atmosphere through careful consideration of color, shadow effects, and fixture coordination.
  • Modern solutions, such as skid-rated floors, temperature-controlled fixtures, and innovative lighting, enhance both safety and luxury in the bathroom environment.
  • Strategic choices, including countertop-placed cabinets, hardware handles, and the incorporation of grab bars, contribute to a stylish and accessible bathroom design that prioritizes comfort and well-being.

Example of a universally designed shower


When diving into the world of universal design, one must focus on crafting an atmosphere that resonates. This involves artfully playing with depth perception through color and ensuring a seamless shadow effect across floor and wall tiles. Fixtures like tubs and toilets demand attention to detail, allowing for a cohesive visual experience. While harmonizing colors with the walls and floor, consider subtle variations in shade or intricate patterns like marbling to add sophistication. The integration of glass shower walls, extending seamlessly to the tile’s edge, becomes not only an aesthetic choice but also a functional one, preventing awkward physical encounters.


Let’s talk about floors with character and purpose. Modern tiles come with skid ratings, offering insights into slip resistance. Coordinating floor and wall tiles to create a designated seating area in the shower not only elevates the visual appeal but also enhances comfort. It’s about transforming the bathroom into a space where style and practicality coexist seamlessly.


Aging gracefully requires thoughtful lighting solutions. Say goodbye to the struggles of shaving or applying makeup in poorly illuminated spaces. Traditional mirrors take a backseat as we welcome versatile light-up side-mount and wall-mount magnified mirrors, strategically placed for optimal visibility. It’s a game-changer for those seeking a well-lit haven for their daily routines.


Unlock convenience with strategic cabinetry choices. Opt for countertop-placed cabinets that don’t overpower the space. Bid farewell to the awkwardness of reaching over toilets or the dreaded accidental item drop into the bowl. It’s a functional yet stylish approach to bathroom storage that adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.


Step into the future with temperature-controlled fixtures. From faucets to toilets and shower heads, take control of your bathing experience. Handheld shower wands with adjustable thermostats provide the luxury of temperature management at your fingertips. Embrace innovations like heated towel bars and flooring, turning winter showers from frozen nightmares to cozy retreats. No more worries about rodents chewing through your heated flooring and towel warming bar wires – thanks to modern technology we are now aware of and have ways to avoid this from happening.


In the pursuit of both comfort and safety, consider the inclusion of grab bars in your bathroom design. These elements go beyond mere aesthetics, providing essential support, especially for individuals with mobility challenges. While hardware handles offer a stylish alternative to traditional knobs, grab bars elevate functionality further. Strategically placed grab bars near showers, toilets, and bathing areas offer additional stability, promoting a secure and independent experience. The combination of stylish hardware handles and purposeful grab bars ensures a well-rounded approach to bathroom design that prioritizes both form and function.


Concerned about cramped spaces? Fear not. Embrace solutions like doorless showers and angled toilets that redefine spatial dynamics. Imagine navigating a bathroom with the ease of turning within a circle – no squeezing around doors or fixtures. It’s about creating a space that not only looks great but also invites comfort and relaxation, setting the tone for a positive start and end to your day.


We have now delved into universal design in bathroom remodeling, emphasizing a resonant atmosphere. We have discussed color and shadow effects in tiles, coordinating fixtures, and the integration of glass shower walls for both aesthetic and functional benefits. The focus on flooring highlights modern tiles with skid ratings and a designated seating area in the shower. Thoughtful lighting solutions, strategic cabinetry choices, and temperature-controlled fixtures contribute to a luxurious bathing experience. We have recommended hardware handles for comfort and elegance, particularly for those with arthritis or limited mobility. Spatial concerns are addressed through doorless showers and angled toilets, promoting ease of navigation for a positive daily routine in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is universal design important to consider when bathroom remodeling?

It’s important because the whole purpose is to create a space that is easy, accessible and comforting. By considering the universal design to a bathroom, you are focusing on the atmosphere, considering color, shadow effects, and fixture coordination for a visually appealing and functional space.

What innovations contribute to a luxurious bathing experience?

Temperature-controlled fixtures, heated towel bars, and other innovations will all enhance your overall bathing experience, giving you a luxurious and comfortable routine.

How do modern tiles contribute to bathroom safety?

Modern tiles now offer skid ratings, which is an insight into slip resistance, ensuring a safer environment in the bathroom.

Laura Mineff talks about using Universal Design in the bathroom.

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